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Welcome to Fics On Request!
Anyone is welcome to join but before posting fics, please post a brief introduction letting everyone know what sort of fics you are familiar with and are capeable of writing. Members will be reading and requesting these fics, so please...be specific.
All kinds of fanfiction is welcome here with all ratings. This includes slash...so consider yourselves warned.
Please read the following before joining as we will not be held responsible for any issues revolving around the subject matter of our stories.

Warnings: Sexual references, violence and possible death. Some racial and /or religious slurs might be used for reality purposes only. Please do not be offended by these. These stories have no bearing on the author's racial, political or religious beliefs or feelings and should not be taken seriously. If you are easily offended by vulgarity, racial tension, religious references, political issues, rape, violence, murder, crime, sexual assault, battery, or related subject matter, please refrain from reading the following stories.

The authors of these stories claim no rights to these films or any of the affiliates. The author also claims no affiliation with any character actor, director, writer, producer or any other person involved with these films. These stories are strictly meant for entertainment purposes. The authors shall not be responsible for any misconstrued ideas resulting from reading these stories.
Any alterred names or personalities of any show's characters are at the author's own discretion and not to pervert any other writer's discription of these characters.
Reviews of these stories are desired but not required. Flaming will not be answered and will be deleted by site moderator.

The following stories are fictional. No humans were harmed in the making of these stories.