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Warped Part 3/? [Jun. 20th, 2006|04:01 pm]
Fics On Request


Law and Order SVU


Part 3 of ?

5:22 PM

"Benson!" Cragen's voice shot through her pounding head like a bullet and she immediately responded.

"Yes, Captain?"

"Where the hell is Stabler?"

"I--I--I don't know, Sir. We separated earlier and were supposed to meet but we somehow missed each other."

"Well find him. We have work to do."

"I called his house several times and finally spoke to Laurel. She hasn't seen or heard from him since he left the house this morning. I can't get through to him on his cell phone either. He must be in a bad area."

Olivia didn't want to worry Cragen or Laurel, but she had begun to worry a little, herself.

Laurel and Elliot had only been together six months or so and had formed such a strong relationship, he had asked her to move in after the first month. Maybe it was love. Or maybe it was all the lonely nights he had spent since his wife had left him and took the kids. Now it felt as if he had a second chance. At what, he didn't know. At love? Or at heartache? One way or another he would find out.

Cragen went back into his office and closed the door. Olivia dialed again, hoping against hope to hear Elliot's voice answer his phone. No such luck.


Munch and Fin had been sent out to investigate those who Stabler and Benson had abandoned and after a 30 minute chat with Ms. Cole and Ms. Blaylock, they decided to check out the Silver Dollar Bar.

When they arrived, they spoke to Karen Ramsey, the night manager. She admitted she was working on the night in question but she didn't recall Ms. Scarborough and her two friends.

"The owner might remember them though. He went out for a bite to eat. He should be back soon."

"Great. We'll pay him a visit at a later time. What is his name?" Fin asked, jotting down the information on a little note pad.

"Jonathan King. He's the new owner. Just moved here from Quebec. Strange fruit if you ask me...but then again...I just work here. All I want to do is get paid and go home. I don't go judging who I work for."

Fin eyed the name on the piece of paper as if the name rang a bell and flipped over to the opposite page and looked at Munch who, as if reading his mind, spoke up.

"Ms. Ramsey, do you remember what time Mr. King left last night?"

"Yeah. He usually closes with us girls, but last night he insisted he had to get home...ummm...it was around midnight. I thought it was kinda strange since he doesn't have a family or anything and he hardly ever dates, but like I said...I don't judge who I work for."

"Does he buy drinks for alot of his patrons?"

"Mostly the women. Pretty women. He flirts alot. But he's a real player and most women read right through him from the get go."

"So he never goes home with any of them?"

"Every now and then. If one gets especially drunk. He always uses the excuse, 'I want to make sure she gets home alright, ' but we all know..."

"You all know...what?" Munch eyed her.

"We all know what he wants. He's a manwhore. Well, not like a prostitute...just more like a dog. He sleeps with women and never calls. You know the type."

"Well, not personally...but yeah, I know what you mean."

"Alright Ms. Ramsey, thanks for all your help. I think we have all the information we need for now. If you happen to remember anything else, give me a call." Munch said, reaching in his breast pocket and handing her his card.

"Oh, hey! How's your friend?" Ms. Ramsey asked as the detectives turned to leave.

"Our friend?" Fin asked curiously.

"Yeah. The hot officer who was here earlier. He and John spoke over coffee but he had to cut it short because he said he wasn't feeling well."


6:51 PM

Munch was the first through the station door, closely followed by Fin.

"Well? You find out anything?" Cragen asked.

"Yeah!" Munch said. "Our Bishop's a King."

"What does that mean?" Olivia questioned him.

"It means he moved to Canada and changed his name." Fin explained.

"Where's Elliot?" Munch asked, almost impatiently, "I need to know what he found out."

"He's not back yet." Olivia said, a look of deep concern pouring across her face. "I haven't been able to reach him on his phone for hours."

"When's the last time you heard from him?"

"Around noon. He asked me to meet him at the Silver Dollar Bar. He said it was important, but when I got there he was gone. Why?"

Munch didn't answer as he bounded toward Cragen's office with Benson on his heels.

"Tell me why, John!"

"Because we have reason to believe Elliot is in trouble."

(Deleted comment)
[User Picture]From: hellsthunder
2006-06-21 12:41 pm (UTC)

Re: I'm crying!!!

Sorry love, I have to leave something for you to come back for. If only my sex life were like that. Hmmm...
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-06-21 08:54 am (UTC)
well i hate writing reviews, cos mainly i suck at it, but i like this fic. And just to be contrary can you kill off elliot?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: hellsthunder
2006-06-21 12:43 pm (UTC)
*Sighs* It's a good thing you posted as 'anonymous'...even though I know who you are. And I will NOT reveal what will happen to Elliot. If your not careful he might end up kidnapping you!
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